PHP CRUD Operation using PDO Extension

In the previous tutorial we learned about PDO Extension . In this tutorial we will learn CRUD operation using PDO Extension.

CRUD Stands for create, read, update and delete record in the database.

File Structure for CRUD Operation

dbconfig.php-  used for database connection

tblusers.sql–  Contain the structure of the database table

insert.php- used for add a record in the database

index.php–  Used for read the record from database .

update.php– Used for updating a record.

Step 1– Create a database

Open browser type http://localhost/phpmyadmin, create a database named ‘phpcrudpdo’ . After creating database run the sql script or import the sql file.

Step 2– Create a database connection file (dbconfig.php)

create a dbconfig.php file and place the code given below :

Step 3 : Insert a record in database

Create a insert.php file for insert  record in the database . This page include a HTML form with input field where we can fill the data.

Code for insert a record in database. Once the user filled all the data and click on the submit button then data will be saved in the database using the below code:

Step 4 : Read record from the database

Create a index.php file for read all records from database.

Step 5 : Update record in  the database

Step 5.1 : Get  data in  HTML From 

create update.php file. For updating a record we have to get the row id of that record and store  in $id. We access the $_GET[‘id’] variable to do it.

Code for get a record based on the given id. Through this way we can get data autofill-data in HTML Form.

Step 5.2 : Code for update the record

Step 6 : Delete a record from the database

Place this code in the index.php file.

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