How to Create Php Calendar

Awesome Php calendar is fully hard coded in php making full use of php native functions. I have named it awesome because I find this technique very generic and when it can be upgraded and lots of functionalities can be added. This is the first release of this mini project and licensed under MIT(open source).

Image of Demo Below:

Basic features of Awesome Php Calendar!

  • Calendar made with php functions only, no extra library included which make the execution very fast.
  • For the HTML layout I have use bootstrap library so it will fit according to the device(responsive).
  • User can navigate calendar with previous/next year buttons. previous/next month buttons.
  • Month & Year Dropdown from where user can select particular month and year.
  • User can go back to current day using “Go to today” button.

Known Limitations of Awesome Php Calendar!

  • For 32-bit machine calendar will show dates from year 1901 – 2038 after that it will fall back(check more about this issue on wikipedia). But this thing will work perfectly on 64-bit machine. I will try to resolve this issue in future release.

Download Project Files

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19 Comments on “How to Create Php Calendar”

  1. Holiii !!
    Good post!! I’ll keep it in mind if I want to set up a calendar, and I’ll share it with some friends that can come in handy.
    Good day!!

  2. A calendar is just so important, especially for a blogger like me since I have to plan my work(normally for the week) and the calendar helps me keep track of my schedule. I use the Google calendar at the moment. Anyway, I would love the php calendar for its ‘go-to-today’ feature

  3. Thank you . It was easy and informative. My brother and I tried it , and we were able to create it easily.

  4. I have not done any coding since I was in university more than 25 yrs ago and had an IS class. You make it look so easy!

  5. This is such a great content. I really don’t too much about this, thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  6. Great content.. I’m really lack of knowledge doing these stuff. It feels great to know more. Thanks..!

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