Get and set timezones in php

If you work with dates and time most of the times, setting up timezones must be your first priority to get accurate results. Using the following snippet you can get and set timezones in php You can find the list of supported timezones from the php official site. To set a timezone use the below snippet.

To […]


Get current date and time in different formats using php

One of the most commonly used PHP function is date(). Using this snippet you can get current date and time in different formats using PHP. To get current date in different format use the snippet below. For more date formats see and w3schools.

To get current time in different format use the snippet below. For more […]


Progress Step User Interface Design Patterns: Tips, Code Snippets & Freebies

Progress steps are great for user experience. You typically find these on signup pages and checkout forms where the user needs to enter data across multiple steps. Breadcrumbs can also use this progress UI since they flow in a natural hierarchical order. But how can you design a progress bar structure that works for your site? […]


How to Create Altering tables in MySql

The format of an existing database table can be changed with an ALTER TABLEquery . This query can make a single alteration or specify as number of alterations as comma-separated list. In the ADD COLUMN and DROP COLUMN examples the COLUMN  keyword is optional- it is what the manual calls “a pure noise word” that is only there to aid readability. An ALTER TABLE […]


Welcome to 2019, Happy New year

Welcome to 2019. Your year of Divine Enlargement. Dominion. Extra-ordinary Grace.Grace 2 Overtake. Grace 4 a Fresh Breath 4 alround and Victory in Jesus Name (Amen) Ogbugbu Web Development Service is looking forward to providing you amazing content this year. This year we shall offer student great help with project report and software design in […]