How to Create PHP login with Remember me Function

Remember me function is used to save the username and password in login form  entered by the user. In this tutorial we are using COOKIES for saving preserving username and user password in the login from.
Step 1 :  Create a simple html form

Step 2 : Create a SQL table tbluser

Step 3 : Create database configuration file config.php

Step 4 : PHP Cookies to remember username and password. Username and password will be stored $_COOKIE array.

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51 Comments on “How to Create PHP login with Remember me Function”

  1. Thanks for the details! This back-end blog and website coding is always massively confusing for me, haha! THIS is why I tend to hire others to help me, however, It would be great to just know how to do it myself!

  2. This is a little more then I would ever really need but I am sure there are many that this would be really helpful for.

  3. Wow, very informative post. It sounds really hard but it became easy for us to understand this things because you are able to share this with us in a simple and in a very detailed way.

  4. This is so technical… I am absolutely clueless, my hubby usually takes care of backend, I will definitely share this with him:

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