Employee Record Management System in PHP and MySQL

Project Name :   Employee Record Management System (ERMS) Language Used                   :  PHP Database                              :  My SQL User Interface Design      :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA Software                               :    XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (any one) Employee […]


Simple User Registration, Login, Admin Dashboard/Logout and User

Designing websites is a fascinating, challenging, rewarding, and exasperating experience: You’re trying to create a digital experience for people who lack the cognitive capacity to understand abstraction. You’re trying to establish brand loyalty with people who are influenced almost exclusively by their peers. And you’re trying to communicate subjective value propositions to people who can […]


How to Create Php Calendar

Awesome Php calendar is fully hard coded in php making full use of php native functions. I have named it awesome because I find this technique very generic and when it can be upgraded and lots of functionalities can be added. This is the first release of this mini project and licensed under MIT(open source). […]


How to create a simple dynamic website with PHP and MySQL

Why simple website project with php and mysql? In this mini project you will learn how to connect your database (mysql) with php, setup an html template, make header, footer, dynamic sidebar, fetch title, content, meta tags, meta description for dynamic web pages (individual pages). You can manage these web pages form the manage site area which […]