How to Create PHP login with Remember me Function

Remember me function is used to save the username and password in login form  entered by the user. In this tutorial we are using COOKIES for saving preserving username and user password in the login from. Step 1 :  Create a simple html form

Step 2 : Create a SQL table tbluser

Step 3 : Create database configuration […]


How to delete multiple records in PHP

Below are step by step procedure on how to do this simple process. you will need a text editor like notepad++ localhost servers wamp mamp xamp a working pc SQl Table Structure for this tutorial

Fetch the data from database and create checkbox . Checkbox name attribute is an array.

On Submitting the […]


How to Create a Simple Registration with PHP Email Verification Script

In this tutorail I will explain how to verify a registered email id using PHP. This tutorial include following files 1.Registration file(index.php) 2.Email Verification file(email_verification.php) 3.Login file(login.php) 4. Welcome file(welcome.php) 5. Logout file(logout.php) 6.Database Connection(config.php) Database include one table(userregistration) Structure of userregistration table

User Registration form(index.php)

Php code for data insertion or sending […]


How to Create PHP Login (Full Script)

Learn to create a simple login system with php + mysql script, this tutorial is easy to follow, teach you step by step. Overview In this tutorial, we create 3 php files for testing our code. 1. main_login.php 2. checklogin.php 3. login_success.php Steps 1. Create table “members” in database “test”. 2. Create file main_login.php. 3. […]


How to Create PHP Multiple Files Upload

You can upload multiple files with one time submit. Array is a big role in this tutorial, let’s see the scripts. Project Structure: In this tutorial, create 2 files 1. multiple_upload.php 2. multiple_upload_ac.php Steps 1. Create file multiple_upload.php 2. Create file multiple_upload_ac.php 3. Create folder “upload” for store uploaded files. .4. CHMOD your upload folder […]


PHP CRUD Operation using PDO Extension

In the previous tutorial we learned about PDO Extension . In this tutorial we will learn CRUD operation using PDO Extension. CRUD Stands for create, read, update and delete record in the database. File Structure for CRUD Operation dbconfig.php-  used for database connection tblusers.sql–  Contain the structure of the database table insert.php- used for add a record in the database index.php–  Used […]